Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tools of the Trade Basic Framing Tool Kit

When one and all at American Frame were earnestly framing these past weeks to meet holiday orders, we were reminded that a well-stocked framing tool kit was essential to our success.

What are the most essential tools a framer needs? Start with the basics – you’ll need a standard flathead screwdriver for assembling metal frames and for attaching the hardware on wood frames.

Double-sided, adhesive transfer tape is also a must. This multi-use product is used for attaching artwork, for attaching mats to the mounting board and for attaching multiple mats to each other before framing. The transfer tape is also used on the back edge of wood frames to secure the dust cover paper easily and neatly.

The dust cover trimmer is an inexpensive tool that makes trimming the protective paper backing on your frame a simple task.

A static whisk, acrylic cleaner and an acrylic cleaning cloth will all serve you well when framing. They static whisk removes static from acrylic, artwork, and mats. The acrylic cleaner and cloth safely clean the surface of your acrylic before and after framing.

If you are a “frequent framer” we recommend the point driver – this wonderful tool with wax-free stackable points makes light work of a large number of wood frames and provides an ideal alternative to spring clips when securing artwork. The point driver easily pays for itself in time saved. Add blade refills, extra points and a tape measure and you’re all set.

To help you get started we’ve put together an Essentials Framing Kit. The kit, on sale for $54.00, includes Acrylic Cleaner (F2090), a Static Wisk (F2070), an Acrylic Cleaning Cloth (F2050) & Hand Applied Adhesive Transfer Tape (F6080).


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