Friday, January 8, 2010

Canvas Floater Frames: For a Contemporary Edge to Edge Display

The floater frame is perfect for presenting both painted and printed art on stretched canvas. Unlike a traditional frame which overlaps an artwork’s edges, floater frames attach to the back of the canvas stretchers, which allows for space between the canvas’ edge and the edge of the frame. Works framed this way appear to “float” within the treatment, offering a clean, contemporary look.
Measuring & ordering Wood Canvas Floater frames –
When measuring for a wood canvas floater, measure your stretched canvas edge to edge and order the exact size. All our frames are custom cut, so you can order your frame size to the nearest 1/16” of an inch.

With wood floaters, you have the option of adding up to ½” additional offset to both the height and width of your stretched canvas. This offset provides more space between the artwork’s edge and the frame.

Example: Your stretched canvas measures 16” x 20” edge to edge. For an additional ¼” of space from artwork edge to the frame’s edge, order a frame 16 ½” x 20 ½”.

For ease of framing, we assemble and drill the holes in your wood canvas floater frame. Some customers prefer to drill the holes themselves and so they make note of this when ordering online in the “special comments” section. When ordering by phone, simply tell our sales associate.
Measuring & ordering Metal Canvas Floater frames –
We have two styles of metal floater frames. Models CF179 & CF21 have a built-in offset or “float” of 1/8” on all four sides. When ordering this frame simply measure your stretched canvas edge to edge. Models CF1314 & CF1323 can be ordered to the size of your stretched canvas or with an additional offset (no more than ¼”) on all four sides.

Unlike the wood floaters, the metal floaters are received from the manufacturer with pre-drilled holes for your convenience.
- All canvas floater frames accommodates a ¾” standard stretcher bar.
- When ordering online, remember to de-select the acrylic, mat and mounting board.
- To locate floater frames on our website, “canvas floater frames.” You can also call for
free samples.


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