Thursday, January 28, 2010

At a Loss for a Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gift?

Tired of sending perishable or disposable presents? Before you settle on the same old “flowers and/or chocolate” routine, think about this: for the same budget or less, and within a few days, you can custom print and frame a meaningful photo, and ship it to your loved ones, ready to hang and enjoy for years to come.

Like this featured photo? It’s my brothers, sister and me. We all work for you here at American Frame. Clockwise from the top left, Mark Mickel, Musician, Videographer and Animator of the Frame Fairy; Dana Dunbar, CFO, Matt Mickel, Photographer, and, then me, yours truly.

So, voila! This is what my parents are getting for Valentine’s Day. I don’t mind disclosing it in advance here.

They will never read this.

The top design features my photo sized at 8”x9” photo printed on our Epson Double-Weight Matte paper, 2” double acid free mat board (Bottom Mat: CS9566 Oink and Top Mat: CS9572 Figi Coral), Standard Plus Three Tornado Red frame, dry-mounted on Standard Foam Core and protected with Standard Acrylic. Finished size is approximately 12 x 13. Total with shipping: $49.10.

The second design choice is even better on the budget. Get a similar look for less by using the Standard Right Red, with the Crescent Berkshire Cream Linen CB407. The total for my photograph came to $24.45, or $32.95 delivered.

To get started, go to Click on Printing. Upload a favorite photograph. Select a size, a paper, and custom design to your taste and budget. Allow 3 business days for production, plus UPS shipping.

Questions? Call us at 800-537-0944, M-F, 8:30am - 5:30pm, EST.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tools of the Trade Basic Framing Tool Kit

When one and all at American Frame were earnestly framing these past weeks to meet holiday orders, we were reminded that a well-stocked framing tool kit was essential to our success.

What are the most essential tools a framer needs? Start with the basics – you’ll need a standard flathead screwdriver for assembling metal frames and for attaching the hardware on wood frames.

Double-sided, adhesive transfer tape is also a must. This multi-use product is used for attaching artwork, for attaching mats to the mounting board and for attaching multiple mats to each other before framing. The transfer tape is also used on the back edge of wood frames to secure the dust cover paper easily and neatly.

The dust cover trimmer is an inexpensive tool that makes trimming the protective paper backing on your frame a simple task.

A static whisk, acrylic cleaner and an acrylic cleaning cloth will all serve you well when framing. They static whisk removes static from acrylic, artwork, and mats. The acrylic cleaner and cloth safely clean the surface of your acrylic before and after framing.

If you are a “frequent framer” we recommend the point driver – this wonderful tool with wax-free stackable points makes light work of a large number of wood frames and provides an ideal alternative to spring clips when securing artwork. The point driver easily pays for itself in time saved. Add blade refills, extra points and a tape measure and you’re all set.

To help you get started we’ve put together an Essentials Framing Kit. The kit, on sale for $54.00, includes Acrylic Cleaner (F2090), a Static Wisk (F2070), an Acrylic Cleaning Cloth (F2050) & Hand Applied Adhesive Transfer Tape (F6080).

Friday, January 8, 2010

Canvas Floater Frames: For a Contemporary Edge to Edge Display

The floater frame is perfect for presenting both painted and printed art on stretched canvas. Unlike a traditional frame which overlaps an artwork’s edges, floater frames attach to the back of the canvas stretchers, which allows for space between the canvas’ edge and the edge of the frame. Works framed this way appear to “float” within the treatment, offering a clean, contemporary look.
Measuring & ordering Wood Canvas Floater frames –
When measuring for a wood canvas floater, measure your stretched canvas edge to edge and order the exact size. All our frames are custom cut, so you can order your frame size to the nearest 1/16” of an inch.

With wood floaters, you have the option of adding up to ½” additional offset to both the height and width of your stretched canvas. This offset provides more space between the artwork’s edge and the frame.

Example: Your stretched canvas measures 16” x 20” edge to edge. For an additional ¼” of space from artwork edge to the frame’s edge, order a frame 16 ½” x 20 ½”.

For ease of framing, we assemble and drill the holes in your wood canvas floater frame. Some customers prefer to drill the holes themselves and so they make note of this when ordering online in the “special comments” section. When ordering by phone, simply tell our sales associate.
Measuring & ordering Metal Canvas Floater frames –
We have two styles of metal floater frames. Models CF179 & CF21 have a built-in offset or “float” of 1/8” on all four sides. When ordering this frame simply measure your stretched canvas edge to edge. Models CF1314 & CF1323 can be ordered to the size of your stretched canvas or with an additional offset (no more than ¼”) on all four sides.

Unlike the wood floaters, the metal floaters are received from the manufacturer with pre-drilled holes for your convenience.
- All canvas floater frames accommodates a ¾” standard stretcher bar.
- When ordering online, remember to de-select the acrylic, mat and mounting board.
- To locate floater frames on our website, “canvas floater frames.” You can also call for
free samples.

Monday, January 4, 2010 Touts American Frame's Green Initatives

Here is a very complimentary article about our company posted on a fabulous blog site, Greenopolis. I met the writer, Eden Litt (alias Gawky Green of Two Girls Go Green pictured left) and her photographer boyfriend while teaching a workshop at the Ann Arbor Art Center last fall. Discussions in classes often take interesting twists and turns, and somehow we landed on the topic of our recycling practices. This discussion led to an exchange of emails over the past few months and culminated in this fine article. Thanks so much Eden! I can't think of a better way to launch 2010!

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