Thursday, September 10, 2009

Success Story:  Artist Christina Pellegrino, Salt Lake City , Utah

Today I’d like to feature an artist we’ve had the pleasure of serving over many years, Christina (Chris) Pellegrino, a classically trained artist who now specializes in digital media.

I personally became involved with Chris and her work in 2006, and since then she has been thoughtful in keeping me current on her exhibitions and accomplishments in the world of fine art. Featured visually in this blog are the two pieces from the most recent “Utah Women Artists Exhibition” in which she received the Juror’s Award from a Curator for the San Francisco MOMA - Chris provides the details in her story below.

This is a truly inspiring story of how exposure from our on-line art gallery created opportunities and successes which gave her the confidence to do what she loves. We’re proud to be a partner in her journey.

“I believe I was among the first artists to upload to your new gallery option in late 2006. I had worked in a frame shop in upstate NY back in the early 1980’s. I noticed your ad in American Artist and began ordering frames from American Frame. Shortly thereafter I believe you started carrying the Nielsen stock and I was thrilled. Over the years, you have been my dependable source for quality framing that I could afford. I phoned, then faxed orders and was delighted when American Frame began online service.

“That is how I noticed your announcement for the gallery. I have been a commercial artist for years, but wanted to make art again. Your gallery offered the ideal beginning.

“I have been a painter, sculptor, photographer and stain glass artisan over the years and had just recently discovered Photoshop. I submitted one print “Yosemite Pond” which was my first and only work in this discipline. You noticed it and “Wireless” chose to market it in their catalog. This was a turning point. The encouragement from that opportunity sent me into a creative frenzy and I re-entered the world of art. Next you approached me with an offer from Target. Still get chills. And they chose 4 prints to include in their on-line art gallery in November of 2007. I continued to refine my style. In late 2008, A wonderful friend, excited by these events, took me by the hand and introduced me to the owner of “Every Blooming Thing” Gallery in downtown Salt Lake . Quietly, Pam March reviewed my work and offered me a one-women show. An art collector, she personally bought 5 pieces. I was stunned. I had 4 months to prepare 40 framed pieces. (Thank you American Frame!) I have a day job so I worked into the night. In the meantime, a gallery co-op offered me a place, I was honored but I was unable to take on both commitments and decided to concentrate on the show at hand. Pam warned me not to be too excited that she had rarely sold any pieces during these types of shows. In the meantime, she sold 3 prints to her clients and as I was delivering art for the show, a couple purchased 2 prints I was just carrying in! I prepared postcards for Pam’s clientele and utilized social networking to announce the show. My pieces are thoughtful and have quite a bit of social commentary which seems to interest a good deal of people when I’m given the chance to explain.

Past Perfect

A collection of works that celebrate the sublime in imperfection.

By getting past perfect, I was able to move beyond

my desire for the unattainable and develop an appreciation for

what is within my grasp. Life takes us on a journey,

an adventure recorded in dense layers of imperfection.

I’ve learned to embrace the rich imaginings that

belong to the old, worn, and discarded. I respond to the whispers,

“Let me tell you my story,” delighting in the reactions

from those who also take the time to listen.

And, it is in the embrace of nostalgia that I am most comforted.

For only in my remembrances of the past

do I finally find perfection.

“The place was packed the night of the opening. 17 prints sold!!!—with 5 going to a prominent local designer. I broke all records for the gallery and they have offered me display space into the foreseeable future.

“ Next I entered my first exhibition show. Utah Women Artists Exhibition; a biennial show sponsored by the American Association of University Women. 170 pieces of art were submitted and 70 were chosen for the show. 2 of my prints were accepted. I was delighted. Next I learned I had received the Juror’s Award! This is a fantastic honor as the juror was Apsara DiQuinzio, Assistant Curator for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Still pinching myself. It was a generous cash prize which I have immediately invested in a quality camera—I have been using a pocket variety to date. Now I am preparing for another gallery event at “Every Blooming Thing” and putting together submissions for 2 more exhibitions. I believe I have a guardian angel and somehow that angel whispered in your ear. Sincerely, thank you for helping me believe in myself again. This is a grand adventure and it really began with you and American Frame.”

Many Congratulations Christina !

Featured Images: Abandonment Blues and This Corrosion

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  1. Good to learn about your succes story Chrisitna, may I ask certain questions accordingly.. I want to ask if I can highlight this experience of yours on review to share with the world your story which can provide certain benefits hopefully.


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