Friday, July 24, 2009

Shared Lives Studio, Maumee, OH

Every week, we generate quite a bit of canvas scrap from our fine art printing department which is donated to support community arts programs. It recently came to my attention that the main beneficiary is an organization called “Shared Lives Studio”, an affiliate of Lott Industries. “Lott Industries is a not-for-profit corporation that provides employment opportunities for persons in Lucas County, Ohio with and developmental disabilities. The artists of Shared Lives Studios are able to share with our community their amazing creativity, talent and abilities. Through art, they are able to do meaningful work and receive compensation for it.”

I had heard through my friends in our Showroom that these artists, under the guidance of Director Lori Schoen, were creating remarkable canvas weavings and paintings and then selling their works at local art shows. As the studio is literally around the corner from our offices, I scheduled a visit.

What I found was the most lively, friendly, upbeat creative zone I’ve seen in a long time! Lori insists that she does not teach, she only facilitates each individual’s artistic process. Her dedication to her students is remarkable as she spends much of her free time gathering supplies, then organizing and preparing materials donated by local area businesses. This is truly an honor to support their work. I will let these pictures speak for themselves.

Those of you local to the Toledo area will be able to view their work at the University of Toledo “Art on the Mall” this Sunday, July 26, and again at Levis Commons August 22-23.


  1. laura- what a great collaboration!! looks like you are as busy as ever!

  2. We sure are! There's so much to keep up with. This is an especially cool group to support and glad to have the opportunity to share the info. Good luck at the Arboretum Show this weekend!

  3. Thanks for sharing your scraps. I am the beneficiary of a beautiful, autographed piece by Linda Richards that brightens my office and has received many positive comments. It is good to see this collaboration and the benefits it brings. Keep on making a difference!

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