Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Question: “How do I order just a frame on your new website, without a mat board, glazing or mounting board?”

Select your frame by either using the SEARCH function in the upper right hand corner on the home page, or search by category choices listed in the left column For this example, I used the Standard Plus 3 Frosted Gold.

Select the “Frame My Own Artwork” option and press “START”. This will take you into the custom framing work flow.

From there, you can elect to preview your art within your frame or not.

Input the size of your image, and the price shown will include the frame, free white mat board, standard acrylic and standard mounting board. To deselect any item, go to each individual tab and choose the “no mat” or “none” option to remove it from your frame package.

If you are ordering a quantity of over 25 frames, you will find that the new site automatically calculates the discounts so you no longer have to contact us for volume pricing.

Still have questions? Please call us at 800-537-0944 M-F, 8:30-5:30 EST. Our operators are here to assist.


  1. Hi Laura! I like your new blog feature. Can you explain a little more about how to preview my art in a framing choice? When I tried to do this I got an error message about the file being too large.

  2. Hi Mike - You shouldn't have an issue with the file being too large as we're able to accept up to 50MB. There is an issue right now with low res files not being large enough for the preview feature, and this should be remedied within the next few weeks. If you have a file that's too small, at this point I suggest re-saving it at a higher res. If you are having problems with a large file, and you'd like us to print, feel free to send it on disk. Hope this helps, Laura


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